Aged Care Planning

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If you are hoping to live to a grand old age, then you’ll need access to the finances required to fund that longevity. Even if you’re fortunate enough to enjoy good health, your personal expenses may increase with age. Consider the costs of ongoing pharmaceutical prescriptions, home medications to cater for reduced mobility, gardeners to do the heavy lifting ion the backyard, transport costs if you forego your licence, and the expensive personal items like walking aids. Notwithstanding covering the costs of your preferred aged care accommodation, if that time comes.


It’s never too early to plan for the costs of your aged care.  Failure to do so could cast a dark shadow on your twilight years.  Your aged care could be costly for both you and your family.  Imagine being forced to sell the family home in order to meet bond and daily charges accrued through aged care accommodation.  Or, meeting those expenses by eroding your estate plan and the assets you had earmarked for your children and their offspring.

There is an alternative, Aged Care Planning is designed for you and your finances to grow old gracefully, ideally giving you a greater say in where and how you live, rather than making those choices based on financial constraints.

Your date of birth should not determine the date you start planning for your aged care.  From young, single debutante career professionals to baby boomers contemplating downsizing the family home in favor of a retirement resort, we consider aged care planning an important part of securing your financial future and potentially opening up the choices available to you in how you live your latter years.

To help you forecast the life you would like to live in your senior years, we can present you with a range of real-life scenarios designed to help you crystalise how your decision-making today could impact upon your lifestyle tomorrow.

Newly employed single professionals and couples can call upon their financial adviser to help incorporate aged care planning within their overall financial plan.  From Liaising with lawyers and accountants to establish Powers Of Attorney, through to designing asset allocations with a view to unlocking capital to cover aged care costs down the track, your financial adviser can work with you today to help plan for your lifestyle tomorrow.

If you are already a senior for whom aged care may be more imminent, we are well placed to help you articulate your wishes and formalize those arrangements, with the assistance of legal and medical professionals.  The overall goal is to create an Aged Care Plan designed to extend the options open to you, when choosing how and where to live.

Perhaps you’d like a location nearby friends or family, or maybe you want to be empowered to nominate your medical specialists, unencumbered by financial constraints.

Should you choose to enter aged care accommodation, we can help guide you through your payment options to help determine the most appropriate strategy and whether or not you may be entitled to any Government benefits or tax breaks before or after the transition.


Aside from your personal aged care planning, you may find yourself responsible for coordinating the care of someone you love.  That person could be a friend or family member or perhaps your partner or parent.

Taking on the role of carer could see both your emotional and financial resources stretched.

Some may be squeezed between the financial demands of caring for aging parents, whilst continuing to cover the costs associated with nurturing growing children.  You can call on your financial adviser to help guide you through the weight and worry of juggling these multiple financial demands.

Think of us as you central coordinator as you negotiate the nuances of being responsible for intergenerational care.  We can help bring together a team of aligned professionals from within medical, legal and community care/Government circles, to help assist you in your decision-making.

If this is new territory for you, it’s understandable you may feel a little list in the landscape.  The role of your financial adviser is intended to be that of compassionate advocate, presenting you with a range of strategies and solutions that aim to allow you to make informed decisions that fit within your overall financial plan.

If you are caring for an aging couple, in some cases it may be appropriate to stagger their transition into aged care accommodation and re-arrange asset allocations to help unlock potential taxation efficiencies and Government entitlements  that could help to cover the cost of their daily care.

Further, we are well placed to talk you through ways in which you could adjust your financial plan to accommodate making modifications to your residence (like building a granny flat or renovating a room) to care for your loved ones in our own home.

The carer’s considerations outlined above, merely hint at the financial complexities you could find yourself facing as those you love grow old.  At those junctures and beyond, having a compassionate and competent financial adviser could help you to make well-informed decisions on their behalf.